Day 3,567 of the 4,000 Days

Day 3,567 of the 4,000 Days. The President of the United States just conflated the incidence of gun massacres with the need to control brown people.
The world is officially broken, and there are no longer enough funny words, enough sarcastic quips, and nowhere near enough brick fucking walls in the universe to bang our witchy heads against.
If Americans don’t impeach this cheeto motherfucker, they are now complicit, and worse than the very, very worst genocidal pricks of history. 300 million of them, and they can’t find the will, the anger or the moral responsibility to devise a way to destroy this utterly unconscionable fuckshitted administration.
Fuck him and every single person who supports him to the deepest, darkest hell of their own imagination.
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Posted by Mad Fucking Witches on Saturday, May 18, 2019