… every so often, our posts go missing

If you’re new here, witches, you may not know that every so often, our posts go missing. We can’t explain too much about how and why (although we do know), as this gives ammunition to our haters. But it’s FUCKED UP when it happens, because it’s yet one more way the #StatusBRO dickbrains SILENCE ANGRY WOMEN.
And damn, it happened again yesterday: on the very post critical for all to read, and action. So with a few edits, we’re PUTTING IT BACK. And if it goes down again, WE’LL PUT IT BACK AGAIN. So please, read and action while you’ve got it. This is important, and it’s something everyone can do.
EVERY witch needs to take the time to make an online complaint to 2GB about Alan Jones, then follow up with a complaint to ACMA. Official complaints (as well as our complaints to advertisers) will reinforce to 2GB’s management the depth of community outrage we feel about ALL of this. Not only that, but ensuring ACMA receives a record number of official complaints (which will likely be publicly reported) will maintain pressure on advertisers not to drift back (not that we’d let them, tho).
Before you can make a formal complaint to ACMA, you must first have complained directly to 2GB and either (1) not received a response from 2GB within 60 days, or (2) not be satisfied with their response (let’s face it, we won’t be satisfied by anything less than an announcement that Jones has gone). Although these criteria make this process longer, they also ensure we maintain attention and momentum on the issue.
The first step is to make a complaint directly to 2GB about Jones having breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice. This must be done within 30 days of the offending broadcast (that is: 30 days from 15 August 2019). Making a complaint involves you providing your personal details to 2GB, including your name, address and age range. You can read 2GB’s privacy policy here:

Privacy Policy

The link to the online complaint form is here:
Your instructions are here:
– Leave the answer to the first question as “No”, but select “Yes” to the second question about asserting 2GB has breached the Code.
– In the “Code Provision” box type “2.1.1 and 2.2” (and possibly also 2.1.4 – see below).
– The frequency is 873 AM.
– The broadcast date was 15 August 2019.
– Jones’ show airs between 5.30am and 9am and his diatribe that day was protracted, so we advise to select the 7am to 8am option for the section asking the time, but make your own choice.
– Select “Yes” for the question “Did you hear the broadcast?” (In order for your complaint to be taken seriously). You can say you heard it on the radio, the internet, digital radio or “other”.
– Now for the complaint details. Your complaint description is up to you, but it should reference the relevant provisions of the Commercial Radio Code of Practice. The best line of attack is to say that the broadcast breached provision 2.2 of the Code, which states:
“Program content must not offend generally accepted standards of decency (for example, through the use of unjustified language), having regard to the demographic characteristics of the audience of the relevant Program.” Jones’ comments clearly involved “unjustified language” and offended against all community standards of decency, which in 2019 abhors all forms of violence against women, regardless of the demographics of the specific program audience. Arguably, the program also contravened provision 2.1.1, which prohibits a licensee from broadcasting a program “which, in all of the circumstances, is likely to incite or encourage violence or brutality.” Although Jones did not directly incite members of the public to commit acts of violence, his comments legitimised violence towards women in circumstances where 1 in 3 Australia women have experienced domestic violence. Lastly, one could even seek to argue that Jones’s comments contravened provision 2.1.4, which prohibits a licensee from broadcasting a program “which, in all of the circumstances, is likely to incite in a reasonable listener, hatred against, or serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, any person or group of persons because of … gender …” This argument is more tenuous, both because it requires that his comments would have such an effect on a “reasonable” listener, and because his comments, seen in isolation, do not expressly target Jacinda Ardern “because” she is a woman (even though we know that that’s the real reason).
Once the form is complete, submit it and then start waiting for a response from 2GB. This may come via post, as the postal address fields on the form are mandatory, whereas the email field is non-mandatory. We suggest using the postal option. When you have received a response from 2GB or 60 days have passed, whichever is the sooner, we’ll provide further details about what to do next.
Let’s see what 2GB make of 56,000 complaints they’re required to respond to by mail, witches. But fuck, we’ve had a gutful. They’re just trolling us now, and we say ENOUGH. Let us know on this thread when you’ve submitted your form, and share this post to your networks. Because we’re drawing a GREAT BIG FUCKING LINE in the sand here, and it’s going to take all witches to do it. And go.
MFW needs financial support to run this #StatusBRO campaign. We can’t do it without you, and we won’t succeed in this without your help. If you can spare a one-off or monthly contribution, please message us for details of our subscription platforms (for complex reasons, we can’t post them here). And THANK YOU.